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The cost of living versus wages, specifically housing has disproportionately been increasing over the past half century in the U.S.  A single income in the 1960's, could afford a middle-class family a home mortgage, food and most likely a car.  Now it takes two or more incomes to barely survive in the ever shrinking middle class. Consequently, homelessness has been steadily increasing in our cities and even in our smaller towns, with no realistic solution in site. Current housing techniques are too expensive and plainly, not affordable to a large portion of our population.




Our solution is an affordable, modular home-building company that repurposes shipping containers in a factory settling with modern manufacturing techniques*. We stand by our Social Purpose Corp business model and are committed to providing our employees a living wage.  


We believe this new business model is the future, the perfect blend of for and non-profit companies. Not only will we provide profit to investors and pay our employees a living wage, but we will donate modular units to help combat the homelessness crisis, to increase low-income housing options, and to aid in disaster relief. We have housing solutions wherever humans need shelter.


You, the customer, will essentially be donating a portion of a container unit to help communities locally and around the world, all included in the cost of your home!

*The factory is our future vision to produce modular homes for customers, where the employees are paid ample wages and will consist of mainly Veterans/ PTSD Vets, recovering addicts, felons etc. because everyone deserves a second chance. 

For now, we will be consulting for custom hybrid container homes as our vision gains momentum. 




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DASHAEL  Vincent & Co.


12735 Prowell St. 

leavenworth, wa 98826




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