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Designer and Project Manager




12735 prowell Street

Leavenworth, wa 98826

A Bit About Me

Born in Seattle and raised in Leavenworth, WA with a passion for design and engineering with natures inspiration. graduated with a b.s. in manufacturing engineering and minor in supply chain management from western Washington university.  worked for a German engineering company for 8 years, and was inspired to build a container home, which led me down this path. I also enjoy the great outdoors and everything it has to offer.

Work Experience

turner construction
June 2004 - august 2008

bosch rexroth
January 2012 - january 2020

Construction laborer for local 242 in Seattle. Worked summers on high-rises pouring and stripping concrete and doing general grunt work. having an eye for efficiency, developed a system for maximizing the turn over of deck forming and stripping, shaving 1 day off a 7 day deck pour cycle, which equated to $100k in cost savings per week. offered foreman position. (went back to school). 

engineering consultant for manufacturing automation, specifically hydraulics. 

supported customers drive and control needs for wood, pulp and steel mills, to large hydroelectric dams down to stamping precision aerospace parts.

container home 
august 2015-
November 2019

1st container home in Leavenworth, WA and performed the following: designer, received permitting, excavation, general contractor, grunt, supply-chain manager, purchaser, concrete, steel-erection, electrician, and found financing for this new type of construction, to name a few. 

designed, oversaw and built entire project from beginning to end, with support from


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