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the social purpose corporation

A Social Purpose Corp. takes the positives of for-profit and non-profit companies, and combines them so that all people involved in the transaction benefit.  Its purpose is not purely for quarterly share-holder returns, and not for the soul cause of a charity. It is a for-profit company, however a large portion of those profits go towards a “cause,” that helps the larger community.  With that, it pledges to pay its employees a comfortable living wage in a safe environment, and they also will be part of something giving back to the greater community.  Investors in this company, get returns on their investment, but also feel good about supporting one that has a positive impact on the world.  Finally the consumer, gets a quality product, where the employees are treated well, and a portion of their purchase goes towards a greater good.  DV&Co. Is the first registered Social Purpose Corp for construction in the state of Washington and the cause is modular container units donated for chronic homelessness, low-income housing, or disaster relief. (Really, any need where a shelter is required). They can be shipped anywhere in the world where needed with the current transportation infrastructure already in place. 


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